Monday, 17 December 2012

Details on Sullivan Chime’s Health, and The Brazil Connection

Lately, the noise decibel over the whereabouts of the governor of Enugu State, Sullivan Chime has reached levels of concern to the citizens of Nigerian particularly the residents of Enugu State and the south east geo-cultural zone. Some of the national newspapers daily along with some online newspaper publications reported on Saturday December 15, 2012 that the Governor had died at a hospital in India following a 3-month hospital stay. Some of the more prominent news dailies reported that the governor may have died of liver related illness – owing to the governor’s lifestyle of excessive indulgence in late nights activities, alcohol consumption and blind woman-ization.

However information available to obtained through competent sources close to the activities at the Enugu State government house indicate that the Governor of Enugu State remains alive – that he is not dead. The source added that the secrecy surrounding the whereabouts of the Enugu State governor concerns issues away from the health of the governor. “The governor is not well but he is not dying” said the source who also added at the governor is seriously down – and maybe suffering from a complication of illnesses that may have damaged his liver and neurological system – to some irreversible extent.

The source who is also a native of Udi Local Government Area [LGA] as the State governor revealed that the Governor had been a sickly person seen his early youth – and that the former governor of Enugu State, Chimaroke Nnamani was aware of the fragile health status of Sullivan Chime – when he tapped on him to take over from him as the governor of Enugu State. The source pointed to the collapse of Sullivan Chime at the swearing-in ceremony of May 2007 – when he was sworn-in as governor in his first term - as symptomatic of the fragile state of health of the governor – at the state of the governorship tenure. The source attributed the collapse to an exacerbated health condition – worsened by excessive in-take of alcohol [Guilder Lager Beer] the night before.

Through the cause of the governor tenure at the office – numerous other collapses occurred – some publicly , others privately. The governor’s private doctor, according to the source, warned the governor of his fragile health status – telling him that he should stop the in-take of alcohol – or face the possibility of a major organ failure. The governor was said to receive the warning and/or advise in good spirit but failed to comply. The governor, as the source revealed, continued to drink heavily and stay out late into the night till 5am [at times] – while engaging in multiple sex activities with assorted groups of young girls selected from the tertiary institutions littered across Enugu metropolis.  The source indicates that the governor was engaged in these activities on a nightly basis.

The late September 2012 disappearance of the Enugu Governor did not come as a surprise to close associates within the government house circle. Already, the governor was exhibiting symptoms indicatives of leukemia in adults – symptoms such as such as  anemia, bleeding, and infections, growth of lymph nodes or other organs, general swelling or pain. Through these development, the governor’s personal physician initially believed the governor may have suffered from chronic lymphocytic leukemia [CLL] or acute myelogenous leukemia [AML]. The governor was then flown out to United Kingdom for proper diagnosis and applicable treatment.

The source indicates that following his [Chime] trip to United Kingdom, he returned sometime in late October 2012 or early November 2012 – with his health worsened judging merely by his physical appearance. “He was not able to hold a conversation or stand by himself without support“. But he was staying at his home in Enugu where he was receiving treatment for an undisclosed ailment – and seemed to be reacted well to the treatment – until the last week of November 2012 when he was flown out of the country to an unknown destination. The source suspects the governor may have been flown to Brazil or India – but without certainty.  But Governor Chime had been flown to India on numerous occasions – in the past – for medical treatments. It is unsure whether the governor returned to Nigeria from the trip.

But a relative to Sullivan Chime who operates a local joint near his home shared a different take when they spoke to our correspondent. He was more adamant in his view. “Sullivan Chime is sick but he is not abroad“ said the elderly man who continued to elaborate that Chime’s illness is life threatening - and that Sullivan Chime had been receiving treatment at his home [or a home] in Enugu metropolis – from both traditional herbs men and from western medicine men.  ”We are praying for him not to die because he promised to refurbish the Anambra Vegetable Oil Production [AVOP] plant – and give us a tertiary institution in Udi LGA. It is truth that he is very illness but he is not dead or hale and hearty“.

The elderly man however told that the Governor is faced with another problem – that may be the cause of his constant medical relapse. He said that the last son of the governor’s first wife, Nnamdi was recently arrested in Brazil for money laundering – along with some of his associates who were arrested alongside for drugs smuggling. Nnamdi, according to the elderly man, was arrested for carrying over $250,000 in his person while entering the airport. Nnamdi’s arrest is said to have weighed heavily on the governor’s health – who is said to pride himself as a zero-corruption administrator. ”The news of his son’s arrest maybe the last kicker“.   

Meanwhile, the aides to the State governor continue to deny the State is ill. The press office have maintained that the governor is ‘hale and hearty’ - even without the ability to provide the whereabouts of the governor – or provide answers as to the prolonged absence of the governor from his office. The chief press secretary [CPS], Chuks Achife in talking to over the whereabouts of the governor stated that “we have only one story to tell and we are sticking to it. The governor is hale and hearty“.  When asked of his whereabouts, the CPS dropped his phone/line.

When asked about the Chime’s son’s arrest in Brazil, the Enugu Commissioner of Information and the Chief Press Secretary [CPS] declined to answer. They also declined to respond to text messages sent to their phones.

In a striking show of strength or deception, the wife of the State governor, Clara Chime – has remain in Enugu State – and has been making public appearances at public functions – where she has been representing herself as the governor’s wife – 1st lady. Her steady appearance at most public/government functions in Enugu suggests that the husband may not be gravely ill in a foreign country.



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