Wednesday, 5 December 2012

5 young Nigerian CEOs to watch

The price Nigeria has had to pay for riding solo over the past five decades has been fairly heavy. In the last fifty two years, the country has been called everything including “Africa’s most corrupt nation”.Recent global trends will however tell you that the above tag may not entirely be the exact picture. There is, gradually a new Nigeria that is carving a new identity – one that positions the country as the gateway for growth, and prosperity.

That vision is being led by some smart, young and creative business minds that are making tremendous inroads in their respective fields.

  • Jason Njoku

Jason Njoku is one of Nigeria’s brightest business hands. He makes a fortune by 
distributing original African films online.

Providing the best of African cinema to a billion people worldwide through his hassle-free iRoko tv online streaming channel, he has the world glued to unlimited entertainment from the motherland.
The success rate of iRoko tv has forced a comparison with global market leader Netflix, making it Africa’s foremost and the world’s largest one-stop online medium for digital distribution of African cinema.
Njoku, 31, is the founder and CEO, as well as the largest shareholder of iRoko tv. The company is poised for growth and an expansion that can get them closer to achieving platinum. During the first quarter of this year, it raised some raised GBP 5 million through venture capital.

Njoku’s iRoko is Africa’s largest content partner on YouTube and Dailymotion. The parent company Iroko Partners has 81 employees in Lagos, London and New York.

  • Ehimuan

Ehimuan is Country Manager for Google Nigeria.

She has considerable experience in technology in Europe, Middle East, Africa (EMEA) and the United States, making her a perfect fit for her latest portfolio.

Prior to joining Google, she worked with Shell Petroleum Development Company, and Microsoft UK, MSN EMEA. Ehimuan also worked as General Manager, Strategic Business Units at Chams Plc.

She holds an Executive MBA from the London Business School, and she was a recipient of the London Business School Global Women’s Scholarship, she was also a Selwyn College Scholar and Malaysian commonwealth Scholar – Cambridge University.

  • Adepoju

Adepoju, 29, is the founder of the Encipher Group – the company responsible for developing “Africa’s Ipad” – the Inye tablet PC.

He started Encipher with a loan of 60,000 dollars but has grown it into a giant ready to rub shoulders with other market leaders.

Inye sells for around 350 dollars significantly less than the original iPad, making it the device for the future. It is anticipated that in the coming years the demand for Inye in Nigeria and parts of Africa will soar.

Adepoju is a Sun-certified Java programmer, and Microsoft certified Business solution specialist, with a background in software development.

  • Delano

30-year-old Delano exemplifies the phrase “born to succeed”. From his days as a successful liquor entrepreneur through to his present status as one of Nigeria’s most able young men, he belongs to the league of young Nigerian CEOs, shaping the country’s vision.

Close associates speak of his strong business acumen, as one that identifies a niche and makes good use of it.

He is founder and CEO of Bakrie Delano Africa, an investment partner of the Indonesian-based Bakrie Group, created to facilitate the expansion of the South East Asia’s conglomerate, in Africa.

The Bakrie Group has made a billion-dollar fund available for investment in Nigeria over the next five years, with Delano’s BDA as lead project head.

The company’s holdings are in Mining (Coal, Iron ore and Gold), Agriculture (Oil Palm and Rubber) and Oil and Gas (Upstream and Downstream).

  • Gossy Ukanwoke

Gossy Ukanwoke, 23, is the President and Founder of Beni American University, an online university that makes educational resources available to its members free of charge.

Launched in December 2010, the site currently has more than 2000 registered members, and over 20,000 more that are non-registered. He’s been hailed as the Marck Zuckerberg of Africa.

Known as “Students Circle”, the “Network allows students to interact and communicate over educational resources, making education and e-learning social and human by giving resources, study groups, social connections, scholarship offers and university placements.”

source: msn African 


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